Power Electronics

Power generation is the most important aspect of setting up an RV or a mobile home. You need reliable, efficient and compact power electronics from a trusted manufacturer. Clever Sources partners with some of the market leaders in power electronics providing you with a wide range of power generation solutions


Diesel generators

We source some of the most noiseless and eco-friendly diesel generators such as Piccolo which combines state-of-the-art diesel engine technology with a magnetic alternator (PMA); or the Scalino with a sound guard and a PMG inverter for quiet operation.


No matter what your power requirement is, you can find an inverter to fit your needs, and power your appliances from PCs to microwaves to TV to fridges.  Pick the inverter of your choice to supply uninterrupted AC Power straight from the batteries. Our quiet and compact inverters are sturdy light weight, efficient and can easily be installed and maintained for life on the go.

Solar power

When on the go, Solar Power can be a life saver. For RVs and mobile homes, installing solar panels gives a sustainable energy source. Ideal for your basic energy requirements, solar panels can be fixed on rooftops or side panels. Output depends on the kind of panel you have, its dimensions and sun exposure.

Batteries & Chargers

Combination of inverters and chargers with starting power 1200 watts