About the company

Clever Sources is an all-encompassing solution provider for the vehicle conversion industry. We source all kinds of accessories, tools and equipment for conversions and upgrades of mobile home vehicles like RVs, caravans, and campers.

With our long-standing experience in the trade, we are fully capable of providing consultancy for vehicle conversion and upgrades.

Clever Sources is registered as a GmbH and is based in Vienna, Austria. The company was founded in the year 2016 and partners with major manufacturers across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.


About our work

We specialize in sourcing high-quality equipment for vehicle conversions like electronics, rooftop air-conditioning solutions, awning for Caravan extensions and more. These include:

Our Mission

Clever Sources works with the mission to support on-the-go lifestyle and introduce the finest quality products that are also eco-friendly, to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage our patrons to adopt best practices in the vehicle conversion industry, just as well.


Our Vision

The company was formed with the vision to create the highest-quality one-stop shop solution that assists both vehicle companies and individuals with our expertise in the area and raise the bar by introducing clean energy solutions.

Areas we serve

We are based in Vienna, Austria but we serve the needs of manufacturers and vehicle conversion companies across a wide range of cities and regions all over the country. So no matter where you are, you can find us to supply high-quality caravan equipment.


Our Company Values

No compromise on quality

Our promise to our clients is to maintain the standards of quality and never disappoint our clients and end-users. We partner with top companies and provide only the finest quality solutions to our clients.

Conducting business with integrity

Honesty and transparency are the guiding principles of our company. Whether you are a partner or a customer, we make sure that our dealings are as transparent and honest as possible.

Constant learning & growth

We believe in growth through constant learning. Expansion and growth should be mutually beneficial and thus we help our partners make the most of every business opportunity.